Kemerlife XXII project, which is realized with the signature of Metal Yapı Konut in Göktürk, is completed immediately.

Emre Arolat carries the signature

The prices in the project are starting from TL 331 thousand. The project, which is the signature of the famous architect Emre Arolat, brings a new color to Göktürk. In the project, which is realized on the area consisting of parcels, there are 13 blocks in the large parcel and 4 blocks in the small parcel. The project consists of 133 houses and has floor gardens.

Key projects of the project, where turnkey delivery is made immediately, include parking, security services, outdoor swimming pool, cafeteria and children's playgrounds. The Kemerlife XXII project is within walking distance of Hasdal - Göktürk motorway and TEM connection.

Kemerlife XXI contact information

0 212 322 66 99 /

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